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Monday morning I found this in my email:


BARBARA:  We have read your manuscript, TAKE ME ALIVE, and would very much like to contract it.

There are a few minor point-of-view (POV) issues, but those will be easy to
address.  In fact, I have already marked and edited most of them, as I read
the manuscript myself over the last few days.  The original reader was
 delighted by the book, as was I.  In fact, I just stayed up all night finishing the last few chapters. <smile>

Before we go any further, though, I need to know if you would be amenable to re-naming the book THE ELF QUEEN?  Or do you have another idea for the
title? I believe THE ELF QUEEN puts a stronger fantasy spin on the book and is (possible spoilers eliminated here) What do you think?  <fingers crossed>

The manuscript is in such good shape, that it will not take the editor long
to get it ready for production.  That means it is “possible” that we might
be able to release it by this fall, if you would like that.  The only reason
I hesitate to say for sure is that I have to get cover art commissioned, and
I never know what the artists will say about their schedules (especially
over the summer) until I ask.

Therefore, if you are willing to change the title, I can draw up a contract
and have it in the mail to you in just a couple of days…

Since then, the publisher and I have exchanged multiple collaborative emails, working on the direction we need to go. I think we're now agreed this will be a SERIES, not just one, and we're getting potential plots on the table as we speak. She's also wanting to see other material from me for her company as well.

 So….everyone who thinks I’m just a little bit thrilled, raise their hands.  Yeah, I thought so.

Details to follow. Stay tuned, my friends.

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Congratulations Barbara!

Dear Barbara,

You are another Redroom success story and certainly one to yourself!

I think you need to buy a fancy pen to sign your contract.


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New Pen shopping!

I hadn't thought about this--thanks for a great idea!

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Mail Finds

Many congrats. We all should find stuff like that stuffing our mailboxes.

I hope you got a cushy advance.

Now wipe the s--- eating grin off your face and get back to writing.


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Oh, no! You can see that

Oh, no! You can see that smile!  *checks for cameras*


Thanks for the note.  :)

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Keep smiling.

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Oh I love to read good

Oh I love to read good news--congratulations! And may The Elf Queen be followed by many more.

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We rejoice with you!

How very exciting. Some of us are so thrilled we are raising two hands! Congratulations! Long live the Queen! (Elf Queen, that is.)

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Thank you, everyone!

It's so lovely to receive this support. I certainly wish the same good news for all of you in the years to come. :) After writing for forty years, this feeling is unbelievable. This is what I've wanted since I was fourteen years old.

It's also true that this story was turned down by many people before. Success really is a matter of timing and catching just the right mix of editor/agent and author. Don't give up, even when it's the most frustrating. Go for it.