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Review of Shadows and Ghosts by Barbara Froman
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Peg Glover
Ebook Review Gal

"Would you question your own sanity if a deceased relative suddenly made their presence known to you?  Ida Mae Glick surely did.

"Shadows and Ghosts is an intricate character-driven novel, that pulls the reader into its maze of unique characters and their relationships to one another. This book keeps the reader’s interest until the very end.

"In this story, Ida Mae Glick is an award winning film-maker who feels so passionate about her work that she chooses to live among the homeless in order to gain their perspective for her new documentary film on humanity. Ida Mae wants to understand how the homeless lives, so she bunks with them on the floor of a barn, eating  just enough to survive. As a result, the homeless group trusts her and as each one of them shares their story Ida Mae films it...."

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