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Christmas Clip Countdown: A Nostalgic Feast

How many favorite lines and scenes do you have from A Christmas Story (1983), directed by Bob Clark?  This delightful, post-WWII  nostalgia piece, based on writings by Jean Shepherd, about a boy and the Red Ryder BB gun of his dreams, has become yearly viewing in our house.  If you've never seen the film (which is also narrated by Shepherd), and have somehow managed to avoid the 24-hour-marathon showing of it starting on Christmas Eve, then take a look at the trailer. 

If you're one of the film's many fans, you'll enjoy the trailer anyway, since so many high spots are on it!

Happy viewing!

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I watch this every year -

It chagrins my wife that I enjoy this so much and watch it.  It's probably my one recurring Christmas tradition.  

Two particular sequences of scenes are my favorite:  when Ralphie's friend, Flick, has his tongue stuck to the pole outside and Ralphie is acting so innocent back in the classroom. ("Flick?  Who's Flick?") 

The other is when Ralphie loses it and beats up the bully, releasing a stream of profanity.  Randy races home to bring back rescue.  Then Randy is hiding and crying because, "Daddy is going to kill Ralphie."  But at dinner, Mom protects Ralphie while dealing with Dad.  A new aspect of Ralphie's relationship with his Mom is born.

Great stuff.  Let the marathon begin!


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Flick, etal.


I know what you mean!  I am so easily sucked into this movie, and not just because it has so many memoriable, hilarious scenes and lines—we have, on occasion, had to restrain ourselves from mispronouncing "Fragile".  The film is so good-hearted, and rings true on so many levels, particularly in the second scene you mention, where Ralphie's mother covers for him.  It's one of those rare and perfect cinematic moments where dialogue and action convey  a subtext that everyone can recognize.

Thanks so much for bringing it back so vividly before my yearly viewing!