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Unforgettable Film Scores

You know those moments when you’re watching a film and you feel yourself getting sucked in....  And as you succumb to the experience, you can't define what it is that’s drawing you; it’s not just the story, the passion, the drama....

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absolutely true

Barbara, I'm a fan of Jim Svejda. That's KUSC in the LA area. He often interviews film composers. (Jim is a great interviewer.) As a matter of fact, this evening he had Randy Newman in the studio. They chatted and played scores of Newman's music for films. That's a regular feature of the show--5 hours of conversation about the films and the music of those films, 7 to midnight.

One of the things they said was precisely your point--

 But without their scores?  Turn down the volume.  

That gives proof positive.

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Jim Svejda and KUSC

Thanks so much for letting me know about Svejda's show, Dolores.  I'll see if I can stream it.

It is amazing isn't it, how affecting musical scores are? I look at the composers on the list, and am so awed by what they've created.  If I watch the films without the music, I feel as though something important is missing, but if I listen to the music without the films, I am instantly able to fill in the images.  The scores are that powerful.

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No doubt

I'll see if I can stream it.

I'm quite sure you'll find it. When they have fundraisers they get pledges from all over the country--and several parts of the world.

Radio is so important--good radio, that is. When we were contemplating leaving Chicago we actually hesitated for a short time because it meant leaving WFMT. Of course now the WFMT network sends programs  here and everywhere. Some of the programming from KUSC is even on the WFMT network. More power to them!

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I just checked iTunes and it's there!  I'll stream today while I'm writing.