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Oh, Dad

The Scene: LAX—Ext.  Arrivals.

The traffic is bumper-to-bumper, with cars jamming into any open space.  The curb is no less congested, as people pile out of the baggage claim doors and wait for rides. There is honking,  there are shouts of "Excuse me!"  And there are suitcases—masses of them—everywhere.

Cutting through the chaos is a teenaged girl—tall, thin, with long, dark brown hair, and eyes that are lined and mascaraed in black—enveloped in a cloud of fragrance and attitude....

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They may not say it, but they love you for it, and they want you to have a happy Fathers' Day. 

Ah, Barbara, I commend you for trying to give a glimmer of hope.

[wry smile]

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Wink, wink

You're welcome, Dolores.  Those teen years are tough!