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Of Half Time and Kittens

I blame it all on the Super Bowl power outage.

What to do during that agonizingly long half time?  The popcorn was waiting, the battery on my iPod was running down. We'd read the Sunday paper, I'd done all the puzzles. I wasn't going to open a book when the game could resume at any time, so we channel surfed.

And happened upon Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl...during Kitty Half Time.

Yes, they were adorable,  yes, one of them reminded me of my beloved, departed Wendel (may he rest in piece), and yes, we kept checking on the game. 

I didn't give those kitties much thought after the power returned. But during that night's reveries, I found myself watching as an earthquake swallowed up every house but ours.

Somehow, out of the devastation, a kitten appeared, heading toward our front door.

"Oh, how miraculous!" I said, "How precious!"   And I let it in.

Oddly, it was clean, and sweet, and ever so grateful to be safe. I pet it, picked it up, looked into its darling little kitty face and it purred, "My name's Will."


"My name's Will," it said again.  And then it mewed, "I'm hungry. What do you have to eat? I need to use a pan but I want deodorized litter and I want you to share your pillow with me at bedtime  and give me a roll of toilet paper to unwind every day and a sofa to scratch up and plenty of fresh catnip and....

That's when I woke up. 

They are cute, aren't they? Pleasant dreams.