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The invisible umbilical?

Friday I got a little time to myself while Jen and John took the kids to Athens for dinner and a movie. Of course they requested that I go, yet nama really just wanted some quiet time to herself--I know, horrible, yes? Anyway the night proved profitable for all.

I took myself for a local drive around town. Took in the sites of the local architect. After my return to my daughter's house I made the once often had, dinner for one... nothing special just mashed potatoes and Salisbury steaks. Turned on my favorite recorded (and only recorded) soap, General Hospital, then watched Sonny, Jason and Carly play out their drama as the potatoes first boiled and then were mashed.

I finished my meal and soap pretty early so I thought I would begin the week-end chores of all so maybe, just maybe, I would be rewarded by Johnny and Evey by them giving the pooches a bath (and spare me the hassle of fighting with Chief's (my daughter's family dog's) rather strong resistances.)

Laundry? Check!

Thorough kitchen cleaning? Check!

Kids clean sheets? Check!

Beds made? Check!

Vacuuming?... ugggh dog hair... check, check, check (I am a bit anal--I know, hard to believe, right? about the vacuuming, which I think drives everyone else crazy) Check!

When all was said and done, I was pleased and rested... just in time for the family's arrival home.

Evey was supposed to sleep with Nama that night, yet fell into a deep sleep while watching tv -- doesn't it suck when the grand kids get so big you have a difficult time lifting them?

Saturday went as normal around here, but the nama (me) did get to manipulate a trade off for the dog washes--yippie! They look beautiful!

John grilled us burgers and hot dogs on the bbq. Jen set out lettuce and tomatoes along with the normal fixings. I peeled the potatoes and Jen got out the olive oil for homemade french fries... mmm, dinner was delish!

We watched a movie before Evey crawled into bed with nama and we went fast into a deep sleep...


...about 4am...

Nama woke up...

With the most horrible belly ache.

Oh, it was terrible.

The only way to make the pain bearable was to walk...

As I was walking it hit me...

A few days before Jen, my daughter, reported the same horrific pain in her belly...

I cursed the gods!

What? Must us mothers always feel the pain's of our children? I get it! I get it! I get it!

I tried to lay down on the couch in the play room... unbearable!

My daughter was in horrible pain! I get it!

I tried taking a bath. I tossed and turned in the tub trying to find the right position. My organs felt like they were being slowly and constantly ripped out by hand...

I shouldn't have taken Jen's pain so lightly!

I tried smoking a cig... oh my god the pain was awful! Never in all my life...

I am a terrible mother! I get it!

I ran to the bathroom and leaned over the stool... indeed, I did... but the pain still there just as fierce...

OKAY already! I get it. Now make it go away I screamed inside and preceded to give the Big Guy the finger!

I tried lying in bed... evey kept whacking me! No matter which way I tossed and turned ... oh, the pain.

Could it have been the Salisbury steaks?

Surely not, they were two nights ago.

Oh, jenny I am sorry!

I tried going upstairs and resting on John's lazy-boy. Feet firmly on the ground, I began to sweat--slight back decline to find just the right position...

... the dogs just wouldn't leave me alone...

Damn it!

I went back downstairs and met with my never fail friend Kool... again I run.

My body rejected it all!

I puked (yes I said it) and alas the pain was completely gone at 8:30 am.

The next morning when conversing with Jen she advised me it HAD to be the lettuce we purchased from Kroger's... it was the only thing we each had before our gut wrenching experience...

Me? I still believe it was the invisible umbilical cord between mother and child... and am very grateful that my body will reject that which will kill it!

k, probably not the inspiration you were expecting... but hey, you know me!

Have a grand day all. Peace.