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Courage of Fear and Barnes and Noble

Recvd word today Barnes and Noble will be stocking my novel, Courage of Fear on their national chain bookstore shelves.

This is a big accomplishment. I am very elated.

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That's great news! Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! What's your next book going to be about?

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Congratulaions... Barbara!

I LOVE your title, It truly Speaks.

May success and abundance follow you all the days of your life.

Blessings of Many Celebrations More!

Catherine Nagle

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Hello Quenntis

Thank you, Q. Ah, my next is about a woman who eye-witnesses the drive by shooting of her daughter at her high school... Where unbeknown to her till much later the shooter is.... where she forms a bond with this youth in a remarkable way. It is as emotionally packed as Courage of Fear. I must find the time to work on it... maybe time for me, the pooch and the tent!

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Hello Catherine

Thank you so much for your good tidings.
Yes the title... have gotten much flack on that so it is good to hear someone report the opposite.
Courage of Fear actually came about during one of my characters (Culann) telling his story about the man who hung himself in Dooley's Pub back in his hometown in Ireland. "Some say it was the Courage of Fear that took his life...made him mad." Yet when reading the story I try to foreshadow the opposite as well, fear is the greatest motivator of courage and there one always finds strength... one needs the other to be complete.
Thanks again.

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Great accomplishment! May you sell a million books!
Mary Menacho

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Thanks Mary

Thank you Mary for your encouragement!
Here's to a million--from your lips...