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"Kenneth Rexroth: Experience as Consequential." Talk given, on request, at the monthly Tuesday Evening Literary Series, sponsored by F.F. Coppola, Neibaum-Coppola Café, S.F., November 2001. Also presented at Kenneth Rexroth International Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, October 2007.

"Inventing Memories: An Interview with Isabel Allende," cover story, Poets & Writers Magazine, NYC, 1992

"W.S. Merwin’s Botanical Ark: How the Poet is Raising a Private Rain Forest at His Home on Maui," This World/SF Chronicle, 1991

"Designing Woman"(profile of Oscar-winning Hollywood costume designer Aggie Rodgers),
Image Magazine/SF Examiner, 1991

"My Dinner with Gilberte: Thoughts on Literacy," This World/SF Chronicle, 1989