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We don't have any leaders anymore

 Sometimes, I wonder if leaders who have our best interests in mind. Sometimes, I worry if our leaders care about creating jobs for us in our respective home countries, instead of moving them to countries like: China, Pakistan, India etc. Our Western weak leaders claim that it’s about globalization…really? Globalization is not an excuse for CEOs of different multinational companies and our politicians to sell our souls out to foreign countries.

The reason why it concerns me, it’s because China is playing is like bunch of dirty pieces of papers, and they’re getting away with it.  Some of you will raise eyebrows as you’re reading this blog. I’m not surprised about it because I don’t have a reputation of being politically correct, nor do I have any interest in running for a popularity contest. As if we cannot do anything in any Western country without having China involved. Our multinational companies are encouraging us to buy junks from overseas to save their dollars, while we get lousy products.

What happened to the idea of forcing ourselves to seek goods from our own countries first, before goods from foreign countries? Is it just me who sounds idealistic or nationalistic about this matter? I don’t think we have any moral and courage to call things by their name out of the fear of being called intolerant.   China is laughing at the Western world, and to make matters worse, they’re laughing at Africa in a time where the Black continent has a huge number of incompetent leaders who are not serving their nations, but their own interests.

China is manipulating its currency by making it low so that they can make it hard for our companies to compete in the Chinese market. The Western world use to be respected through out the world, but now it is a different story because we have leaders who do not know any better. They are busy focusing on their miserable careers, while the level of unemployment is rising in any First World country. We use to innovate world class products, before sick businessmen decided to ship our jobs in the Far East. Everything we’re making these days is made in China, we don’t make things anymore.

We are building China by importing their products to our countries.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in fair trade. Fair trade does not mean to cheat. We make better products than China. We don’t owe China anything, and our representatives are the most stupid people we have ever had. OPEC wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for us. We are the ones who are protecting OPEC. Some OPEC countries fund terrorist organizations that are willing to destroy us because they hate our way of life. The OPEC does not invest in our countries, they’re investing elsewhere.

Businesses are not hiring because they’re afraid of stupidity and those who are running our countries. They want certainty because they want to make sure taxes are low. We are the ones who need to handle China, India and OPEC. They’re getting away with a lot, while we are standing aside and look. I call it murder! The blood of our countries are flowing, and we are losing ground.

 Do you really believe that countries like China and India care about global warming? Please don’t make me laugh. We are using food crops to produce fuel when hemp seeds can be pressed and the oil will run clean diesel engines with very little refinement. We are really bunch of losers, I think five hundred years from now the next generation will laugh at us.