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Thilo Sarrazin under fire for his "controversial" remarks

Thilo Sarrazin was a leading member of the German Contralbank. He has been under fire for his anti-Semitic remarks on Jews. Personally, I understand that Jews were offended by his remarks because he should have had used his common sense, when he made a decision to write a book about Germany being on its way to destruction.

Thilo Sarrazin who was the Bundesbank CEO came under fire by both German official and immigrant leaders of each different community. Several German lawmakers required him to step down from his post, and his fellow SPD(Left-leaning German Social Democratic Party) also demanded that he should resign as a member of the party. Until today, Sarrazin has refused to resign as a member of his political party. I honestly believe that Sarrazin got it wrong, when he attacked the Jews by saying that they share the same gene, but I also believe that many immigrants took his opinion out of contest.

I am sick and tired of political correctness, in fact, I agree with him about  many Muslim immigrants not integrating in European societies, and I don't care if anyone calls me a bigot because I know that I am not one anyway. In most of the Western world, Muslim immigrant make too many demands, instead of being integrated in societies that have welcomed them. Anyone who talks about race ethnic gene issues being antithesis to Sarrazin's thoughts and a smoke screen by political correctness and immigration is talking rubbish because I cannot stand utilitarian arguments, and those who advocate such ideas in the name of freedom of expression should seriously ask themselves, if  it is wise of them to have such arguments.

 I don't  think it's a good idea that German lawmakers demand Sarrazin to step down as a CEO of the Bundersbank because they're suppressing freedom of expression when they do that. I haven't read Sarrazin's book, but I agree with most of his opinion, and I also agree with his immigration policy. If governments in the West stopped being politically correct and be more consistent on who may or may not come to their respective countries, we wouldn't have a problem with integration. There is one thing, which Sarrazin has failed to mention.

There are immigrants in many Western European countries who are doing the best they can to adapt to European values, but very often when they seek for jobs in connection with their education, they often face discrimination on the basis of their color of skin, culture, background etc; and this leads to the sense of rejection. That's also when violence and radicalization come in and destroy many young immigrants who do not have any sense of belonging in Europe, but this is not an excuse for Islamists to promote their destructive agendas, especially when most of them are on welfare.

If they want to impose their Islamic way of thinking, then they should leave the West and go back to their respective countries. You came to integrate, not to impose! Get the hell up and stop making excuses for your problem! Leaders of minorities around the world should take responsibility on making sure that their group of people are educated. Each country has a responsibility to respect fundamental values, whether it's a develop or a developing country. Sarrazin is not a bigot, but he has to be very careful with his choice of words. He is a realist.