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The right to fight for your country.

When our countries are at war, it’s important for us to give equal opportunities to our peoples to fight for our countries, regardless of them being gay, straight, Black, White, men, women etc. We are dealing with hard times and we cannot afford to waste our time of being suspicious of others because of race, ethnicity, gender, religious, non-religious, sexual orientation, marital status etc.  We are facing time where our values are under attack by those who hate the idea of being free, prosperous, secure, happy and content. If we keep staying in the same box, we are giving them an opportunity to win. We cannot afford to do that, especially when there’s so much at stake. If someone wants to be in the army and fights for your country, give him/her an opportunity to do so, if he/she is fit enough to be in the army.  In order to win, you must be united with one voice and one objective. Don’t let your enemies defeat you before you get prepared to face them in a battle. Speak in one voice and work together. Don’t let your enemies notice your weaknesses.   

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The idea behind this blog.

In many countries in our parts of the world, there is and about letting gays and lesbians in the army. Look I am not playing plotics here, in fact they are part of our societies and we cannot change the way they are. We are facing times, where our values are under attack and our enemies are laughing at us by questioning the values that have made us who we are today. In my opinion, we must not let religion decide, how our military in the West should be because it is a private matter.

Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda