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The gym police shooter vents his anger on women

In Pittsburgh, a 48 year old man shot three women and killed himself afterwards. He walked into a gym aerobic and opened fire on 12 women and 9 of them were injured. George Sodini was a member of the gym and he talked about never spending time with a women and having limited sexual preferences. In his online blog, he makes similar complains about having rage on his family, society and women. In his neighborhood, his neighbors describe him as reclusive. This man may have had lots of hatred in him, but the question is why? Every person has a story and some of us haven’t always had a good start in life. I am not condoning what he did and I honestly believe that he wasn’t entitled to kill and injured those women, nor he was entitled to take his own life.

The other question is what can we draw from this? I personally believe that if you are a person who cannot handle such circumstances, reach out or find ways to regain your self worth. You can never get way from yourself. The number 1 person, whom you need to have a good relationship with, is yourself. If you don’t make yourself happy by focusing on things that make you happy and give you the desire to live, you won’t make anyone else happy. My heart and my thoughts go to the victims’ families, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. In my first book of poetry, The Depth of My Soul, I talk about, how depression can be destructive and what happens to someone who has never recovered from abuse. I talk about this issue a lot because I was a victim of incest and emotional abuse and until today it kills me. I ask myself what goes on to the mind of an abuser. I have lots of wonders. It’s difficult for us men to open about our abusive past than women because we want to be in control of our own situations. Abuse is an evil thing and it needs to be stopped.

Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda

Author of: The Depth of My Soul, The Struggle for Power and the Fight for Survival,

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