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The arrogance of Cardinal Shean Brady

There still lots children who are sexually abused by the Catholic clergy, in Northern Ireland and other parts of the world. It makes me sick in my stomach that Cardinal Shean Brady is so arrogant at such a level, that he even chooses to cover up the crimes. The question, which is in my mind is does the Catholic Church care about putting children's interests above themselves. I wonder if having sex with children is big business, in the Catholic Church. I think priests who have sex with children are sick in their heads and they deserve to be registered as sexual offenders.


Religion is all about power and control and it is also about serving something, which does not exist. What I am talking about? I am talking about God of course. Religion does not confront reality, when it comes to forgiveness, justice and so on. I do believe that children and adults who have been abuse can only forgive, when they are ready and if they feel like it. On the other side, the abusers have to earn that forgiveness by acknowledging their mistakes first and by dealing with the consequences. We live in 2010 and it's time to face reality. Every decision we make has consquences and that's just how life is.  


Cardinal Brady seems to distance victims of sexual abuse, when he made a decision to cover up for the abusers. In my opinion, he's as guilty as those who are involved in robbing children their lives. How in the world does he cover up for such a crime?

 In my opinion, both him and other religious leaders in the Catholic Church who cover up for such ambiguity are as guilty as priests who rape children.

If the clergy covers up for such crimes, then the police must make some arrests and the victims must get the justice they deserve and that will restore their pride and dignity. That will be a good start for them to make a journey towards healing.


Cardinal Brady has shown the the world what kind of an idiot he is, by making victims of sexual abuse angry because of he idiotic statements. What the hell has the Vatican done to reach out to the victims? Nothing!

Both Cardinal Brady and the rest of the Catholic Clergy are not concerned about about the victims of sexual abuse. The only thing they are concerned about is power, manipulation and control. After all, religions are about power and control.


The Catholic Church is only concerned about about the image of its hierarchy.