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Multiculturalism has failed

As you have noticed, multiculturalism has failed in every Western society because many young men and women from Islamic backgrounds fail to embrace secular values and the culture of countries that host them. They find it difficult to identify with Western societies because the elite, schools, universities, churches, trade unions, political parties, companies and business organizations have allowed the weakening of the Western world’s collective identity, culture and history. We have encouraged different cultures to live separately from each other and from the main culture of the hosting countries. We have tolerated horrors of forced marriages, honour killings and the need for Sharia Law for a certain group of people out of the fear of causing offense.


The immigrant debate is intense in any Western country and beyond its borders. We have created the illusion that all cultures are equal, but the reality is that all cultures are not equal. Among all immigrants, Muslim immigrants find it hard to integrate in societies that welcome them; even if they enjoy the benefits and the freedoms those societies give to them. I believe that countries like: Germany, United States, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Holland, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Portugal and others are doing what they can to integrate immigrants, so that they can be part of society. I think that Western countries must remove the self-hating attitude, the self-written sense of guilt and be more confident and proud of its values. It needs to move away from the history of colonialism, WWI, WWII other conflicts that have crippled it from defending its values, not to see them as prejudices. Yes, there is racism and there are far right extremists and Neo Nazis who want to cause problems for all immigrants, even those who make efforts to integrate and contribute to their hosting societies. Racism is something you find everywhere, and in every part of the world too.



In fact, minorities living in Islamic countries face far more discriminations and persecutions based on their race, culture, religions ethnicities and tribes. The Western world has to move beyond self-pity and shelf shaming. There are many Western countries that are doing their part to fight racism, discrimination and extremism. We have tolerated Islamic values to comply with our constitutions because we choose to be politically correct and worry less about the future of the Western civilization. Raising such concerns does not make me a racist, if the Liberal Left treats me like on, then it is their own problem, not mine. In All Western societies, Radical Islam is on the rise, and Islamists are making demands in all aspects of life. Islam enjoys its benefits in three possible worlds. It is a culture where it wants to be, a religion where it wants to be and a race where it wants to be. We are not allowed to express our opinion on the religion because some people might views us as bigots. Multiculturalism would be what it is, if it was what it pretends to be, a society where everyone lives side-by-side and mutually enriched by learning to get to know one another in one nation, but the reality is far more different. In practice, everyone has to worry about Islam thinks or says about anything.



I know that the Liberal Left is already rising eyebrows because the remarks that I am making on multiculturalism. When you imagine multiculturalism, it is only concentrated in Western countries, where indigenous ways of life always get on the wrong, while minorities seem to fail to integrate in some First World countries; don’t get me wrong, there are countries like: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Faeroe Islands, Czech Republic and Poland who don’t have the experience in getting to study other cultures, like for example: Germany, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal and Russia because these countries have the experience in getting to know other cultures and integrating minorities into their respective societies. But why do I still that multiculturalism has failed, despite the claims and these nations being good examples when it comes to getting different minorities? The reason I think that multiculturalism has failed in First World countries, it is because the Liberal Left is silent when it comes to the rising of Radical Islam within Western borders. Many Liberals portray those who advocate freedom over theocracy as racists and  “Islamophobes”.



Anyone who speaks his/her mind on forbidding the burqa and other Islamic veils receives threats from the Liberal appeasing lobby group who are willing to put their mothers and daughters in veils, out of the fear of being called intolerant. In Europe, the right to freedom of expression is losing ground because those who ought to know better protect Islam from criticism. The problem with the Liberal Left is that they try to occupy a high moral ground to a point where they are willing to sell their own countries, just by avoiding to be called bigots. The Liberal Left has failed to integrate immigrants, both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Liberal intelligentsia has a deep rational hatred for both America and Israel, because they enjoy taking freedom for granted. By colluding itself with an ideology that kills people for their life style and victimize women, children and minorities, the Liberal Left has lost its moral authority and it has become a threat to our freedom.


The medicine has become a deadly disease. The Liberal Left has hijacked the word racism, and it deserves a public apology from them. You’re not a racist, if you criticize religions, but when it comes to Islam, it a different story. The Liberal Left is doing an injustice to those who happen to experience genuine racism because of the colour of their skin or where they happen to come from. The Liberal Left feeds on creating new victims and its survival depends on Muslim votes to survive. Liberals devalue the word racism, every time they use it to defend a religion, a fascist religion for that matter. It’s time to work and deal with reality, before reality deals with you.


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-12371994





       http://spectator.org/archives/2011/02/17/multiculturalism-has-failed ">  http://spectator.org/archives/2011/02/17/multiculturalism-has-failed