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An author on a journey

I would like to tell you something about my time as a published author; setting objectives as an author has not been easy for me or anybody else who dreams about being an author. I’m not speaking for anybody else, but me.


Remember that obstacles are forces that make you grow; it’s the way you deal with them that can make or break you. When my first four books were published by I-Proclaim, a couple of years ago, I had problems promoting my books. I struggled for ages, given to the account that there were people in my surroundings that were against me because; they never valued me as author.


Until I met Dorothy Thompson, who is the owner of pumpupyourbook.com, she gave me hope and guidelines on do’s and the don’ts when you promote your book to the audience. Although I listened to her, with a lot of work, I admit, I still thought about the idea that my books don’t have ISBN numbers. There were areas where I struggled to change my mindset unconsciously because I also promoted my books other places, I guess I was laughed at and being criticized for not being a worthy author.


I focused on what I didn’t want and feared the worst, while hoping for the best. Although I didn’t become a bestselling author, I was successful at promoting my books on different newspaper. I was still grateful for the idea that I am a published author, I wanted to make the best out of that time and promote my books on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. I tried, I fought, I kept on pushing ahead, but without much success. I looked for agents who would be interested in books, but I found nobody. A couple of years later, I began to question the quality of my books, I was wandering if there were mistakes. In my mind, I could stand the idea because I saw it as something humiliating; yes, there were people who liked my book and I’m forever grateful to them, but what I feared the most was the negative critiques from those who didn’t like my books.


I began slowly to think about quitting, I was going down to the ditch. I lost interest in writing and felt like it was not the right thing for me. Every time people asked me about my books, I said that I’m taking a break from everything that has something to do with writing. I let both my fans on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites down, believe me I wasn’t proud of it all. I promised them that there would be another book several times, but I always delayed. The new book never came, after wiring my previous four books. I went through moment of depression, the world that I was living was dark hole, but through the help my siblings, my friends and my doctor, I decide to take an inch-by-inch step, sunshine or not. I battled through pessimism; now I’m writing my newest book, "FAR BEYOND THE HORIZON".


I’m giving everything and I have decided not to let anyone stop me from becoming what I can be in life. I promised my fans that I would write a book about my experiences in China as an intern, but I lost interest in it, that’s why I made a decision to carry on with this book. What I have learned from this situation is that writing is not about being famous; it’s about sharing your passion with the audience. It’s about putting their needs above yours. I encourage anybody who has a goal in life not to quit, if things don’t go as planned, fight back. Remain focus on where you want to see yourself and stick to it.


Trust me, you are a winner in life, you really are. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my fans for letting them down.  I am coming back, stronger than ever and I am even planning on writing new books in the future. If you have questions about this book, and my upcoming books, please let me know. I will do the best I can to answer your questions. Being an author is not about me being the center of the universe, it’s about you, and it’s about serving a purpose. I am proud to have fans like you who have always been supportive to me in both good and bad times. I owe it to you and to myself to reach the summit of the highest mountains, despite the challenges I might face.  Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.