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SHUT UP (LOSE THEM ALL). You guys are too weaK to be my friends, too sick to read and learn Your life has been opposite of mine, so your moderate has declined But you want it inclined like a pulley system, but the wheel and rope are mine And you aint patient enough to learn so you couldnt pick the signs I need a mirror image of i and  my sister cos we are leading...
Short Story
they told her shes not part of her family,and this is just a 15yr old girl,her name is linda,i met her on her bear foot walkin and smilin,preety and lookin funny,so i approached and she made a lil scream,and i was lik wat the hell?,then she halt with her hands on her face lining were traces of tears,i held her so close and with my soft face towel i cleaned her...
Short Story
i was on a bike hopin to see my grand mom,told she was sick so i branched to a supermarket to get her to get her some cream crackers she cant do without,gettin to supermarket i saw many and different cream crackers,so i decided to give her a call to know her choice,all she said as a reply was get me a PAD...........