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Blind snakes
swayed in slow rhythm.


Like a slyly wig,
Over her disgusting head.

Demonic her face,
Like a fearsome Medusa
and dreadful winds blew
and bleak spheres clothed
the blue valleys.

Tied up,
Her Kith and kin,
On trunks of rootless palms,
They were floating.
They were countless.
Rows after rows.
First; the Andrews,
Then Felixes then Noels,
Sebastians or Gabrielles.

Eager to break loose,
Earnest they be ceremonies
in daily news.
Some, aiming expansive
seas of Asia.

Some, stern to cruise
the Atlantic.

Some will expire,
Some will choose
to blast silent shores,
Slashing mountains,
Burying coastal towns,
Uprooting houses,
Scattering people like debris.
Trapped now,
In a flimsy holy web.

Like a fearsome Medusa,
Braids, tentacles.
Fading pinkish hands
of a giant octopus,
Dancing around a hideous face.
Behind crystal reefs of
a lost tropical island,
Congregated the Priests.

Chanting the prayers
their sacred master
will chain her.
But he was far!
Busy, Perhaps.
Radiant dragons of his,
Soared in mighty skies,
Ordained to mollify disturbances.
Over misty platforms,
They lined up!

Transparent soldiers,
To hatch fruitless mercies,
Reaping only ominous thunder.

He ignored her,
Their sacred master.

Scores of them
were guarding
sightless ghouls.
Holy threads,
She has torn to pieces.
Handheld, the blades
and sharp dirty fingers.
They carried her
in shady heat hasty fleets
of celibate winds.
She seized the moment
as time spins.

Broke dark heavens
to greet a crowd.
Two thousand Fakirs
they were banging holy drums,

They were chanting ancient hymns;
Him him him him him him him,
Him him him him him him him.
"Nisdin barsat nain bamaare;
Sada rabat paawas ritu bum pe,
Jab se sham sidhaare"*
Ko raah dikhaao prabhu!
Pag pag
Thokar khaaoon main"**
The skies
pounded terrible noise.
Sent glowing cables
to snatch her ribs!
A humble earth.
When she was alight,
Glowed old gaslights.
Two arch priests bowed
before a white beacon.
Where she had a flying respite,
Four lazy dawns,
Three dewy nights,
Then she charted courses of doom.
Then she fled.
Jumped waters,
By the equator,
To bear in her lungs,
Dormant massive heat.
From the end of May
and come what may.
A burst of early June,
She marched.
Near the equator,
Coriolis forces
Yawned in moist and fervor.

She reaped steam,
Ignited looming genesis.

Promises promises!

They can't keep
trading winds,
Scarcely promises.
She approached,
As gusts weakened with heights.
With air spirals,
Humid air rose,
Tackling her eye.
Then she gained speed,
As air sank so deep.
Strong, vibrant,
When she abandoned
her gender.

A male
and tough!
They called him.

Him him him him him him him,
Him him him him him him him.
Gonu drove
To ram the Maldives,
Flood Malabar and feed
on tired souls.
Gonu strayed left
this time,
After my beaches.

He poured rains
of one million meters.
Tore my causeways,
Rived my highways,

Suffocated valleys
their peaceful towns,

old markets to drown
my people,

Howling his eerie goodbyes,
As he faded away,
*   (Our eyes have been raining tears since the time the Lord went away)
**  (Guide the sightless O God! As I stumble at every step)