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A True Poetic Survival Story By Aleja Bennett
Only The Strong Can Survive By Aleja Bennett
Oh peace be free
Oh mind relax
settle down, unwind
because the storms
are so unkind.

I'm about to lose my mind.
Dear God I am on my knees,
Stop this abuse!! Can't you see
I need a piece of mind.

I'd rather lock myself in school today
then I don't have to go home,
to face another hit, the belt, a stick,
names they call me, I'd rather deal with.

These years of beatings are a child's
waste of time.
Dear Lord bring me some relief
where's my peace of mind!

The swollen lips, bloody lips,
smack to the wall, foot on my neck,
hot comb dragging through my scalp,
piss licked off the floor,
Father I can't take it no more!
Why in the hell did they adopt me for?

From the beatings----I need a peace of mind
From the not being wanted----I need a peace of mind
From all the lies, secrets, embarrassments
I need a peace of mind.

I became an adult looking for love,
still needing a peace of mind.
From broken promises to satisfying sex
and not so satisfying sex,
with no love, I needed a peace of mind.
suppressing the pain with alcohol,
then losing my children
Damn this world!!!!
I need a peace of mind.

Homeless, feeling the cold,
no money or food to eat.
Door are locked all around me,
frozen has become my tiny little feet.
Wont somebody take me in
so I can rest and get a little sleep.

After 32 year of people being so unkind
and nearly losing my mind


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this is a very good one, though sad. it is about torture, abuse and neglect of a child, growing up with so much hatred.