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Poems From the Heart Mind Body And Soul
 I Love you I love you to the moonI love you to the end of the planets.I love you till there's no love in the equatorI love you knowing nothing could be greaterI will love you from now until decades later.Let me love you now not laterlet me love you toNorthern skiesWestern hemisphereswithout...
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All I Can Do Is Stand
The World As We See It The world as we see it goneThe world as we see it vagueThe world-our worldYour world-my worldGod created. The world as we see it No longer pure-safeThe world as we see itWish to run-hide-escape. The world as we see it goneThe world as we see it vague. The world that once was...
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Oprah's Dream Board Built By Author Aleja Bennett
alejapoet wants to share a link with you. Click below to view it: Author Aleja Bennett Only The Strong Can Survive The Oprah Team
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Only The Strong Can Survive By Aleja Bennett
Oh peace be freeOh mind relaxsettle down, unwindbecause the storms are so unkind. I'm about to lose my mind.Dear God I am on my knees,Stop this abuse!! Can't you seeI need a piece of mind. I'd rather lock myself in school todaythen I don't have to go home,to face another hit, the belt, a stick,...
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