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England's Not The Mythical Land...

"England's not the mythical land / of Madame George and roses / it's the home of police / who kill black boys on mopeds"
~ Sinead O'Connor

The lure of the Emerald Isle.

Enchanted me to stay and work for a while.

Among the green hills I toiled with a smile.

Yet back in Canada I was on trial.

For what I did not know yet.

"Only spend money if you can win a bet."

Opened the mail and a social security card I met.

That urged my innocent mind to get on a jet.

Arriving at heathrow airport I heard the word "stop".

Interrogated for 3 hours, happy I was not.

Luckily my plane was about to take off.

Me, delighted, quickly left the old rock.

As it happened, it was not meant to be.

Shortly thereafter I moved o'er the sea.

It was there I met a lovely sweetie.

Who nurtured this man into a better me.

~ Austin Partridge, in a rare poetic mood :)