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The Great Conversation

The Great Conversation

It must not come to a national tragedy before Americans correct the course of our nation from one of overspending and indebtedness to one of economic well-being and prosperity once again. Where has the moral compass of the country begun to point? Other nations have looked to America the beautiful for two hundred years as the example of strength and liberty for all the world, but now as our compass has begun to point in a different less valuable direction they, like ourselves, who stand behind the great gates of freedom, us who have countless monuments to selfless sacrifice in the righteousness of freedom, see our fall on the horizon of a new day when our nation is no longer the example of strength and liberty, is no longer the example of moral decisiveness.

As the nation moves forward into this early part of the twenty first century we as Americans must decide upon a path of prosperity that will take us once again to high ground so that we all may stay out of the dangerous valley of despair. It is the duty of every single citizen of these forever United States to search their souls for the love of country which so many have seemingly lost in the darkness that is slowly enveloping a country which once was the light of hope in an ever changing planet.

Americans have become too involved with other countries economically, borrowing and lending, so much so that now we are in dire straits, we may default on loans. We have become entangled politically with other nations who are steeped in civil unrest and our current economic disposition does not allow us, as a nation, to cover the enormous cost of conflict with any army. America needs to recover from over indulgence on many levels i.e. war, lending, spending, and borrowing. How do we begin our recovery without sacrificing our values?

Can America, these United States, have an inner conversation with itself through and with its people about the conflict and unrest that now confronts us in our own country? Can we honestly put partisan politics aside and agree to disagree and place the most costly battles at the forefront of the most important war we will fight? The war of which I speak is the one we fight everyday herein, within these borders of these United States. The war, not of terrorism, not of tyranny, but the Great War of Economics, that has now gripped our great nation in the  mighty fist of debt.

Nationalism instead of individualism is part of the solution to our troubles. Many citizens of this country both rich and poor have receded into their own lives of desperation or prosperity to be able to understand that they are just one part of a greater body, a larger organism which without all of its parts will die. We must all contribute to the welfare of this beautiful being of freedom and liberty in order to preserve it; not only for ourselves, its citizens, but for those in other countries as well. Our country has become sickened with an economic cancer that is eroding the fabric of our nation. We have extended ourselves so far that now our national economic health and well-being is in serious jeopardy, we are as a nation on the verge of economic collapse which will ultimately threaten our national security and personal freedom, this for the wealthy and poor alike.

The solution to the great debate which must come will never be found in the grey clouds of partisan politics nor in their participants’ words of denial and conflict. Our solution must come from the plateau of camaraderie and fellowship and dare I say patriotism, which has become lost somewhere in the glory of better days. It is now up to a generation which recognizes once again that we are equal, not only in the reality of a country that was able to overcome the hell of slavery and Civil War, but also the depravity of debt and economic confusion, in this we are all a part, and thus we must everyone recognize the agonizing indifference which now envelops us and our posterity and thus free ourselves from its deathly hold upon us once again and find a way to live in the warmness and security of prosperity. This cannot take us so long that we forget the seriousness of this crisis, and must therefore treat it as such and come together as a nation under direct threat of losing all that so many Americans have given so much to preserve. This will be the greatest obstacle to preserving what has been gained at such a great cost.

The great calamity which America , this great nation , now finds itself in could very well spell the end of a rise un-paralled in history, the free and democratic rise of a people determined to create a place on Earth yet undefined in history. It could spell the end of a time when a man could work to build and grow as a man spiritually and financially without cause for concern. Now, there is among men, both the rich and the poor, concern, great cause for concern that our collective and individual hopes for America, our United States, may at last fall into a great abyss of despair and depravity, and one from which we will never recover. Through a lack of good common sense and sound fiscal judgment we have found ourselves on the brink of financial collapse, and we will effectively hand over what is left of our greatness to those who have no right to it, or at the very least a good understanding of what greatness can bring to the people of this world. Generations of humans will never know greatness, they will only have history books to look upon and only a sense of longing and wonder at what was once a great and mighty nation known to mankind all the world over as a beacon of hope and freedom.

So many here in these United States for the sake of political principle fail to realize what is truly at stake. They would be willing to sacrifice our flag and all that it represents instead of coming to a common place of brotherhood and compromise to save our nation, simply to be able to stand along seemingly immovable party lines. If your belly is full you cannot know the pain of hunger and our once United States of America is going to suffer hunger and pain and tragic death at the hands of unscrupulous politicians and economic pigs. I for one must speak out against these destroyers of our nation, these stubborn fools who are leading us to our inevitable doom. As Americans lie bleeding in battlefields and here at home, politicians stuff their bellies and their pocketbooks with dollars that are not worth the paper they are printed with.