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Such A Trend

     I saw a guy today that was as white as the day is long wearing a baseball cap covered in what he insisted were Japanese characters.  My first thought: "If they're Japanese, why aren't they glowing?"  Sick?  Yes.  Sadistic?  A little.  Funny?  A lot at the time. 

    I asked the gentleman if he knew what the symbols meant and he claimed "Warrior, knowledge, and strength".  My first thought: "Would he still be wearing it if they really meant butterflies, flowers, and cute fuzzy little bunnies that twitched their noses in a meadow"?  By his size and the way he carried himself, I would seriously doubt it.  A former Marine no less, he'd burn the hat, and then hunt down and kill the man who sold it to him.                         True Data

     How is it that we as a society will trust a foreign nation to "translate" fashion to the entire world, but can't trust our neighbors with the $5 bill we left laying on the kitchen counter?  How do we know these symbols that have woven their way into our everyday fashion wear really mean what they claim?  Are we certain that when properly translated the famed "Happiness, love, and friendship" symbols don't really mean "Jerk, asshat (Thanks for the word Casey!), and complete douche?"  If that were the case, I'd feel REALLY "special".  And then yet another "savvy trend" would die just as quick as it had begun.  "Another one bites the dust"

     As bad as it sounds, the very same people who brought you the "innocent" symbols began printing "M.I.L.F." t-shirts without knowing the meaning behind it.  The biggest demographic to purchase the new "awesome" trendy tee?  Teenage boys. *Facepalms, and shakes my head"  Sometimes there is just no helping people.