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Nov 2011

I grew up near the Alps during the 50s. Professionally, I travelled as a photojournalist and still photographer (under my maiden name) for directors of the New German Cinema, based in Munich. I moved to England in 1978 and have a private transpersonal therapy practice alongside other work since 1988. A film degree, done during the 90s, mainly for stimulation after feeling depleted working for charities and social services, brought me to writing prose in English. My first novel, Course of Mirrors, made the editors desk at Harper Collins authonomy site. The work has now a small but devoted publisher and will be launched in Spring 2014. Presently I'm working on a sequel.

I was involved in three publication last year. A co-edited work I am particular proud of is called 'Heart of a Sufi,' remniscences from a group of people about their relationship with a very unusual spiritual teacher, Fazal Inayan-Khan, the grandson of Hazrat Inayat Khan. You can look inside the book: www.heartofasufi.org.uk

Blogging has become a perfect challenge to make my little island visible in the vast sea of hearts and minds, while enjoying the resonances to my musings: www.courseofmirrors.wordpress.com

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