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My Obsession Confession

This month redroom has challenged us to write about our obsessions. Like many writers’ my first reaction is, “Do I have to pick one?”

As a writer being fixated on many subjects is a vital part of our work. Only we call these obsessions, “themes.” If we are feeling fancy we might even call them “memes”, but that discussion is for another day and another post.

 Some of my favorites themes are physics, love, faith, magical realism, surrealism, short stories, and novels.  Now, it may not be the coolest or most illicit fixation, but I am also madly, wildly, possibly even delusionally obsessed with the U.S. postal service. Not in a Charles Bukowski Post Office kind of way (Congratulations to everyone feeling a bit smug about the obscurity of that reference. If you haven’t read it, and are fantasizing about reading a drunken half-literary romp, this is the book for you. I would pair it with something cheap, self-destructive, and highly alcoholic. Maybe a Colt 45.).

What I mean is I am regularly titillated by the faint beam of light, which moves past me when I open the mailbox and seductively slides down the inside until I can see the entire contents of the box. Bills mostly, literary journals, the occasional Amazon gem. But sometimes inside, hiding between the rejection slips and junk mail, is an anomaly.

It is a bit of magic in my inbox: an acceptance slip, or a contributor copy. Lightning-joy for my spirit.

So that is my obsession: Mailbox Strip Teasing. It’s a spectator’s sport.

Now tell me, what’s your obsession?