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An Actual Tea for Tuesday with Jamie Quatro's new book

Hello all,

I just finished reading I want to show you more by Jamie Quatro. It was amazing. The short story collection centers around the themes of infidelity, religion, and sex with splashes of sub-themes about cancer or running. It's an exciting book with a lot of frank women's speech about long-term monogamy and love mixed with very southern ideas about shame and religion. It's marvelously good stuff, so much so that I'm not going to talk about it anymore. Just go buy it now.

I suppose I should mention tea. It's full on summer here, so I'm thinking something in the neighborhood of sangria rooibos, you know the kind - overly fruity and not nearly caffeinated enough. Mix it with something stronger, like a plain loose-leaf assam, gold-tipped if you're feeling flush, plain and broken up if you're watching your pennies.


A. Vose