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Oh, the Horror!

Recently, I had work accepted by Fright Field, a new market for spec fic with a horror element. (Really, honey? my husband says. You're a horror writer? I just drop a wink at him. He doesn't understand how much fun it is being the Mistress of All Evil.) Anyways.

I originally submitted "Oubliette" as poetry but the editors wanted to see a format change to prose--and it worked splendidly. Even hubby agreed it was a good change. (Makes me want to plow through my unpublished poetry file and see if this formatty-thing would work on anything else.) I heart positive editorial experiences, especially ones that end in a big I'LL TAKE IT!

Edited March 27, 2010 The original article had links to Fright Field with information on their submission guidelines. However, shortly after the posting of this article, the editors announced that Fright Field has been discontinued. What a terrible disappointment for writers and readers alike. I want to wish editors AE Phillips & BM Fitch the best of wishes for their future plans and thanks for the fun experience of our brief interaction. Good luck!

GHOSTLIGHT MAGAZINE In other news (I love when I actually have other news to share) the latest issue of Ghostlight magazine is now available. Ghostlight is published by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (Aside: Yes, my dear husband, another horror magazine) and Volume 2 Issue 1 features my poem "Blackened Madonna."

They even put my name on the cover. I don't know about you but that sort of thing just knocks my socks off. Look how pretty:

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"February issue of Ghostlight, your journey into the realms of dark fiction. Stories by: Oscar Windsor-Smith, Megan Arkenberg, Aaron A. Polson, Brian Fatah Steele, Jennifer L. Gifford, G. Lloyd Helm, Jameson T. Caine. Poetry by: Matt Betts, Kaye Spivey, J. J. Steinfeld, Glynn Owen Barrass, Ash Krafton, I. B. Iskov, Noel Sloboda, Mathew Lee Bain. Review of Edward Lee's "The Black Train" by I. E. Lester."

The magazine is available as either a print version or a download at Lulu.com.

Be sure to check out these two publications and enjoy some wholesome horrific fun.