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Broken self promises

Making a promise to one self at the turn of the year is something many of us do, even if it's just something minor like losing 10 pounds or finally finishing that thing you said you would do last year but didn't do because you just didn't have the time. Most of us begin the year with high hopes of new beginnings, a fresh start to make things better or at least keep them as good as they are. Many people aspire to become better than they are, become a person who has all the qualities that anyone who is a good person has. But like so many promises to one self, new year's resolutions a made to be broken.

But why is it so hard to keep these promises? The resolutions that are meant to be a personal redemption. Maybe we fall short on our quest to better ourselves because we're to busy making sure we cant fulfill our wishes. Long hours of strenuous work, doing our duties as family members, friends and participants of society. It seems to be impossible to find more then just a few hours a week that haven't been planned to the very last second. Then when we finally get some time to do what we want we're to tired and settle on watching tv, reading a book or simply doing noting.

Another reason people often can't finish what they started is because they start to quickly, like taking a sprint in the beginning of a marathon or jumping in the deep end of the pool before learning how to swim. The road to success is meant to be walked, like taking a stroll on a Sunday afternoon in the glistening sun with the birds singing and children playing, the steps have to be planned and thought through but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy it. Don't run faster than your feet are able to, you just might fall.

But in the end in my opinion, people should just try to find a little bit of happiness, love and fun, and anything other than that is just a bonus that makes it easier to reach your initial goal. But that might be like hoping to see a white raven, because at least in western world we are all just a bunch of material "girls" living in a material world.