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The Wave was written to answer a question Arlene Goldbard is often asked: You say we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift, a radical change in worldview that will thrust art and culture onto center stage. What does that mean? How will the world be different? The Wave is speculative fiction. In 2023, a young journalist, Rebecca Price, writes a series of articles describing...
The Culture of Possibility: Art, Artists & The Future
  We are in the midst of seismic cultural change. In the old paradigm, priorities are shaped by a mechanistic worldview that privileges whatever can be numbered, measured, and weighed; human beings are pressured to adapt to the terms set by their own creations. Macroeconomics, geopolitics, and capital are glorified. They form the foreground of the world depicted by...
Community, Culture and Globalization
Community, Culture and Globalization was edited by Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard and published by The Rockefeller Foundation in 2002. This anthology features essays on community cultural development theory and practice from twenty-two authors based in fifteen different nations, representing a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds and outlooks, yet united in using their creative...
New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development
An inspiring, foundational book that defines the burgeoning field of community cultural development. Through personal stories, rousing accounts, detailed observation and histories, Arlene Goldbard describes how communities express and develop themselves via the creative arts. This comprehensive, photographically-illustrated book, which covers community-based arts such as theater...
Dina Meyer wants to change the world. She started out in the Seventies as a crusading independent filmmaker, but the 21st century finds her serving as press secretary for a governor who checked his principles at the door to the state capitol. Fed up, she decides the only way to awaken people now is to blow their minds. Hooking up with her old boyfriend, designer drug maker Nick...