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Tetraktys cover
Published by ACM netWorker
Admittedly, the idea of a computer scientist, even a top-tier one like Ari Juels, writing fiction concerned me at first. It’s not that a computer scientist can’t write good...
Tetraktys cover
Published by Boston Globe
Either Ari Juels is living an amazing double life or he really does have the imagination to make it as a novelist... in his first work of fiction, “Tetraktys,’’ Juels, 39, adds...
Tetraktys cover
Published by ZDNet UK
A book with top-level political threats, an ages-old conspiracy and a lot of codes cannot escape comparison with The Da Vinci Code. However, Tetraktys reads like a scientist's...
Tetraktys cover
Published by Slashhdot
For those interested in a cryptographic thriller, Tetraktys is an enjoyable read. The book interlaces Greek philosophy, mathematics, and modern crime into a cogent theme that is a...