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Ocean of Change


Gasping in the financial undertow;
floundering. . .
Barely breathing pennies.
My nickel bag of dreams – 
gutted for a dime.

Quartered by creditors.
Loan sharks

Reeling in
the Ocean of Change.

Gasping, grasping
swiftly shifting, sinking sand
Thrashing in the financial undertow.


Wave . . .

A penny cast to sea.



(Also published in the Poets Basement.)


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gasping reality


Your poem gives us such an evocative image of what is happening to millions of Americans and their families, as well as those around the world. 

swiftly shifting, sinking sand --
floundering, reeling, quartered...

And the devouring of people's hopes and dreams, the many unspoken but understood promises now broken by those with so much economic power acquired by dishonest means.

I am reminded of "Inside Job," the 2010 award-winning documentary which exposes methods utilized by those who brought about the destruction of one small nation's economy after another.  Most of those executives were never brought to trial, and they were allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains. 

So now the western world looks to two women to clean up this financial and economic nightmare:  the chancellor of Germany and the chairwoman of the IMF.  Ironic ...



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Gasping Reality

Hi Jeanne:

Thanks for your heartfelt comments. Will be interesting to see how the "economic nightmare" is eventually cleaned up. Haven't seen "Inside Job" yet, but will put it on my list.