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Last November 30, while trolling Call for Artists postings on the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission website I came across an interesting listing, one that I almost passed up because it would take the full two hours before the deadline closed for me to answer the preliminary questions, the first step in submitting my artwork for consideration in mixed media artist Seth Apter's upcoming book The Pulse of Mixed Media (North Light Books, Spring 2012). I thought, what the heck. The exercise, if nothing else, would give me fresh insights into my creative urgings and inclinations. As thoughtfully as possible, mindful of the minutes whizzing by, I pondered and answered all eleven questions, hoping my responses were not only cogent, but coherent; not too esoteric, too artsy fartsy. Then the wait began. In early March, I was elated to learn that a few of my responses would appear in the book, that art submissions were still being evaluated. I held my breath for exactly another month and opened my email to read one of the nicest and most detailed rejection letters to date. The care that went into that email notice lessened the ouch-factor. In this crazy-making process to get work seen and published far too many of my submissions aren't even acknowledged. As a courtesy, I emailed Seth back, thanking him for his words of encouragement and his professionalism throughout the process. To my surprise, five weeks later, I received an invitation to participate in the 5th ezine edition of The Pulse, which launches this Independence Day weekend – July 3 through 5, and runs each Sunday thereafter, through Spring 2012. A feature of his blog The Altered Page, since 2008, The Pulse will showcase the works and words of more than 125 artists in this awe-inspiring collaborative project. For a glimpse into "the creative hearts and minds" of new and familiar artists, visit Seth's website at http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/2011/06/celebrate-fifth-on-fourth.html.

The next time I come across another time-hounding deadline, I'll be more inclined to follow my instincts and leap in, eager to see where the path leads me. . .

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The Importance of Nurturing

This experience of yours is inspiring, Arabella. Too often, we creative folks become so self-involved that we overlook the need to be courteous and nurturing to our fellow artists and writers. In this case, Seth Apter took the time to be considerate of you (attaboy) and you took the time to thank him for going the extra mile (attagirl). Two good examples for the rest of us to follow.

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In the Spirit of Kindness

Margo, thank you for your thoughtful comment. . . . Kindness is infectious. Wish more folks would catch it!