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Regular Negro from D.C.

I'm heading for Chicago and will be back home on the South Side.  My parents don't have access to the Internet.  But, my siblings are all on line.  So, I'll try to get to use my lap top here and there.  When I return to the Bay Area, I want to blog about a brotha friend of mine on a regular basis.   He's a security guard and lives in D.C.  He always keeps it real.  We talked tonight about the sad reality that a missing black child or woman will never get the kind of media attention that a white girl or woman garners. No matter how much progress we've made in this country there is a sad truth.  Black life just isn't as valued.  

My friend who sees himself as just a regular Negro in D.C. reminded me that four black girls were missing there for a year before anyone even noticed that they were gone. 

"Yes, they were poor."   My brotha friend pointed out.   "But, it's not just about class.   That poor Caylee girl (who we all want to come home safely) doesn't come from money either.  And, she's on every newscast day and night.  And, let's admit it, the girl's family is trash." 

 I had to agree that no black child or perhaps any child of color would receive so much media attention.   The regular Negro from D.C. made it plain.  "Let's face it April," he continued.   "Nobody wants to see a black missing person's face on the news every night."

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I've not tired of

Obama every night--the last time I checked, he's African-American--and lets hope we see him the next 8.5 years on the tube every night.

And when you call someone "brotha," I feel strangely excluded.  Aren't we all brothas and sistas, not just with those of our own race and genetics?!

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I've not tired of

April Sinclair

We're all brothers and sisters but brothas and sistas are connected to the struggle.   Btw, Obama is both black and white. 

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I'm a recurring Viking

I'm a recurring Viking  from Alaska. :)

Eric the recurrent