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The God Center

The God Center


I am not:

My Chron’s Disease,

My Poor self image,

My losses,

My pain,

My delusions,

My mental illness,

My gayness,

My fears and paranoia,

My mistakes,

My lessons,

I am none of these things.

I refuse to identify and own these things any longer.

All that I am is this: I AM.

All that I have is this: This Moment.

SO I will be.

So I will live in this moment,

And I will learn to act,

From my God center,

From Love and From Peace,

Rather than RE- act from my ego,

My fears and my paranoia.


And therefore I am worthy,

And therefore I am love,

And therefore I will live in this present moment,
And I will serve God with my love in this moment and every moment.