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New Year's Resolution

Be it resolved i will make no resolutions this year. Not because i am perfect (i am far from that) but because i know that they wont last and i will end up feeling guilty. I could resolve to lose weight or quit smoking or be happier but I know once I slip up that will be the end of that. And it will leave me feeling guilty and ashamed. And these are such useless emotions. Why set myself up to feel like a failure? Seems pointless to me! SO i will make no resolutions this year and will continue with my bad habits until a time that feels right for me. I will tackle these at some point just not now. You see you need to be ready to the core of your being for a resolution to stick and i am simply not there just yet. SO i will  leave the guilt and shame for others to feel and i will smile through the new year knowing i have nothing to worry about.