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What To Do With Lottery Winners

We all know that having anything handed to us without working for it is unhealthy. We are easily spoiled. So if you win a half-billion or so in the lottery you are most likely going to get a little too happy for a while and then give up on work and just lay back and enjoy life. Such a state of complete self-indulgence leads to emotional ruin and psychological disintegration. You will not truly enjoy what you don't work for. You will become an extremely self-centered SOB with little or no sense of self-worth. Of no use to yourself or anyone else except as a shameless source of moola. So my proposal is that lottery winners should be required to show their gratitude and appreciation before they get their hands on the money. They should have to prove they are worthy of it by doing something constructive before the prize is paid out to them. They should work for a year at something they will make their life's goal. They should be obligated to undergo therapy to help them deal with being stinking rich. They should be trained as good philanthropists. If they don't come by it naturally, they should brainwashed into becoming generous and should be hypnotized and transformed into humantarians.