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DELUSIONISM is a collection of thought-provoking essays about art and life. The author addresses the reader directly, as if sitting at a cafe, popping out quips and expounding on all matter of subjects from the obscure to the commonplace. The book is divided into three parts. Part One is entitled Culture vs. Nature with meditations on Sleeping, Eating, Sex and Love. Part Two is a...
On a lonely road in the wilderness an accident occurs that will change the lives of the people in a nearby town. Ana, a thirteen-year-old, finds the body of a dying man, and following his demands takes it upon herself to nurse him back to recovery. On the trail of her illicit hospital stumbles Marley, a local womanizer and drinker who is all-too-familiar with taking the blame for...
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A young American flees to Wiesbaden, Germany where he develops an obsession with the spa water, leading to a surreal journey into the occult.
Ever since the days of the gold rush and the pioneers, California has been a ‘far out’ place, quite different from the rest of America. This book paints an entertaining picture of these people who, the author (a Californian himself) says, are so into delusion that they are completely out of touch with just about everything except their image! --Language Tips "Short, aphoristic...
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This is a selection of excerpts which will appear in my forthcoming book, Delusionism. In the book, I aim to serve up an irreverent take on self-help literature, while offering a source of inspiration for the bewildering world in which we live. In a word, I believe thinking should be fun; and perhaps by approaching it lightly, we may slide into its depths more easily. The following...
Recently, with the publication of my novel, I've found myself in more than a few conversations regarding the nature of my story. Thus I have taken it upon myself to patch together some ideas about the story's inception, construction and esoteric motifs, and sculpt a short essay for Amazon. For those of you who have already read The Cure, it is not without a degree of mischief that...