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Anthony Lamar Smith's Biography

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Los Angeles
Mar 2013

Anthony Lamar Smith was born in Gary, IN. Although his life was filled with challenges; he learned that even in the face of adversity, his focus must be consistent, and a hunger and thirst for success unquenched until its attainment has been materialized.

In the course of a diverse 14-year career while earning Top Producer Awards in all aspects of mortgage and real estate investment sales, financial portfolio management and employee benefits development, Anthony Lamar Smith has proven to be a skilled executive, visionary entrepreneur and trouble-shooter and turnaround expert.

Anthony has dedicated his life, book, and personal development skills to help the little kid within you, who once dreamed of untold possibilities, ReDiscover, ReImagine, and ReConnect to your dreams and purpose by providing you with a 4-point L.I.F.E. plan and 21 Truth Precepts to achieve the life you have always wanted

The principles he lays out will help you to Dream BIG, Plan, get Excited, and take Action NOW...for the world is waiting to cheer your SUCCESS!


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Dale Carnegie

Shira Dillon

Upcoming Works

I am currently writing my third book entitled "The Persistent Mindset: All That Is In Me Wanted To Give Up, But All That I AM Refused To Do So"

Interests & Hobbies

Reading, writing, weight training, hiking, singing, acting, spending time with my family and children, relaxing at the spa, going to the movies