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Seattle Writers Publishing Salon
25 Sep 2011 3:00 pm
25 Sep 2011 5:00 pm

A literary “salon” is being offered without charge to Seattle-area writers whose goals are to become published authors with legitimate commercial book publishers.  (SEE BELOW FOR YOUR FREE BOOK TRAILER) The event will be hosted by longtime literary manager Sharlene Martin, of Martin Literary Management on Mercer Island, and MLM editorial director Anthony Flacco.  It will be held at the Mercer Island Community Center on September 25th from 3-5 pm, and will focus on the process of getting writers a mainstream publishing contract.

All that is required from the attendees is their determination to become commercially published authors. 

The event is a literary “salon” because it combines a focused presentation of specific publishing information along with personalized Q&A between the hosts and the attendees, added to the opportunity for each attending writer to personally meet others who share their ambition and their drive to succeed. This is not a series on the mechanics of writing.  There is no influence to write any certain kind of book. A salon allows for individual questions for  each writer’s unique challenge according to the state of their work-in-progress or their completed manuscript.

The material presented will cover the current state of the publishing market, with specific examples of that month’s sales and fails. There will be tips as to which publishers are looking for which kinds of manuscripts as well as ongoing information on how other successful books were marketed to publishers and sold.

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For more information email:   Anthony@MartinLiteraryManagement.com   

Mercer Island Community Center