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The Troubles With Being Old and Gay

Later this year, inGroup Press will be publishing “Finally Out: Unlocking the Closet in Mid-Life and Beyond” by Dr. Loren Olson. Today, the Des Moines Register published a terrific article on Dr. Olson, which can be found here.

My life is quite opposite from Dr. Olson’s. He’s a 66-year old gay man who came out at the age of 40, and currently lives with his husband on a 250-acre farm in Iowa. I’m a 20-something (somewhere in the middle!) gay man who came out at the age of 16, and lives with my partner in a condo in Miami. But with any luck, one day I’ll be 66 years old, and Dr. Olson’s trailblazing research and writing will hopefully help my generation as we reach retirement age and beyond.

One of the startling points of research that led inGroup Press to acquire “Finally Out” had to do with discrimination against gay seniors: the sad fact that many gay men are forced back into the closet at old age in order to cope with homophobic environments in retirement homes and amongst social workers. Today’s article in the Des Moines Register touches on this serious matter.

I hope you enjoy the article, learn something new, and keep an eye out for news on “Finally Out,” which will be published later this year.

Anthony DiFiore, Publisher

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