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Love Your Child with All Your Heart, by author Michael Cavallaro

Love yourself with all of your heart. By doing this you set the example for your child so that they can love themselves. In doing so, you show your child that they have the right and the ability to love themselves.

There is no greater act of love!

When your child sees you loving and caring for yourself they will know that they can do this for themselves also. By giving them the space and the living example they will know how much you really love them!

Children learn by example and use what has been modeled for them. If you show them that you do not love yourself with all of your heart they will know, that they do not deserve to be loved. How so, you might ask.

A true loving heart is one that has loved them self first and shares that love with others. Sharing or radiating love is different than giving love.

By showing the child that you do not have love in your heart for yourself and that only others matter, they will then reflect and adopt this behavior as well is this belief system. What you teach them by not loving yourself is that they do not matter only loving others matters.

Teaching a child to love them self first is the sign of a truly loving heart. This truly loving heart is showing them that you love them so much that your personal needs are not involved in the equation, that your love is absolute and pure. The key to teaching this to your child is you learning to love yourself without conditions.

Traditionally people have been taught that the expression and display of love is the most important way to communicate it. But in truth love is a feeling; love is not a display or a communication. You can feel if someone loves you or not, no matter what their words are. This is especially true for children. They feel your love, no matter what you do or say. As they become older they begin to understand the concept of love as it is explained, but this does not change their feeling experience of what love is.


How is this related to loving myself first you might ask. Well let us tell you, loving yourself first makes you a Hub of Love. They will feel the love that is inside you him loved because they feel the love in your heart.


Love Your Child with All of Your Heart