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Life is Feeling, by author Michael Cavallaro 2013

Life is Feeling


All experience comes from feeling. There is not an experience you have that does not come from feeling. You cannot exist without feeling. Your biology is created to experience feeling.  It is an antenna for feeling. You cannot not feel; it is impossible and when you deny your feeling you are denying your experience and when you deny your experience you create resistance.


The most beautiful thing in all of creation is to feel.  The problem we have with feeling is interpretation.  It isn’t actually the feeling that is painful or unpleasant it is the interpretation of the feeling. It is what you do with the experience that creates the un-pleasantry or even pleasantry. 


In truth, feeling is simply that it is just feeling. Feeling is why you have come.  Feeling is the experience of being. Feeling in itself is benignly beautiful. It is just the experience of feeling and it is the most beautiful thing you can experience. 


To attempt to mentally override your feelings and shut down your feeling, is to put yourself in a grave; to be the living dead. To allow yourself to feel all that you feel and observe it with wonder and beauty is to be alive.  Feeling is not emotion, so let’s be real clear. Feeling is not emotion.  Feeling is a sensate experience. And it is who you are; you are sensate beings and there is no getting away from it.  So to believe that you have no feeling and you feel nothing is to create the illusion that you are the walking dead.


But everything you do, think, and respond to comes from feeling. You can’t help it. It’s the way it is.  Denying the feeling because you once interpreted it as negative or painful is to say “I am going to pretend I am dead.” which is totally absurd and can’t really be done. 


Until you choose to be your feeling self, you cannot awaken.  To become your feeling self, learn to interpret from a clear, absolute truth space allows you to experience all feeling without judgment and see the beauty in all feeling. 


But all too often we have identified feelings as unpleasant, painful; something we don’t want so here’s a program that keeps you from being you. It is possible to have your feelings and say because you are in your humanness “Wow this in an uncomfortable experience” but “Wow I can see the beauty in it.”  That is possible. And there is also a place in which you can say I prefer this type of feeling over this type of feeling and actually create the types of experiences you want to feel. Remember nothing about life is without feeling. Said another way, everything about life is about feeling and if you do not feel you do not live. If you deny your feelings, then you deny the experience of life. To choose to live is to choose, and is required to choose to feel, to be the feeling sensate being that you are. There is nothing else for you to be.


 Michael Cavallaro 2013

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Hi Annmarie,

This is beautiful! I couldn't wait to send it to my family and friends. I was on the phone for hours this morning trying to explain this to someone, then along comes your incredible masterpiece! I loved it.  Thank you so much for sharing these remarkable truths!