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Reiner Kunze

I haven't been blogging because I have been translating, proofreading and such. Reiner Kunze on August 16th will be eighty. So with Job Degenaar from the Netherlands and Fred Schywek from Germany it was decided to bring out a trilingual book as a birthday present and a sign of recognition for his attitude and writing. The book will be published by world internet books.Twenty five poems (starting an ending with an anti-war poem) have been translated into Dutch by Job and into English by myself. So I share one poem basically about censorship:


Du darfst nicht, sagte die eule zum auerhahn,

du darfst nicht die sonne besingen

Die sonne ist nicht wichtig


Der auerhahn nahm

die sonne aus seinem gedicht


Du bist ein künstler,

sagte die eule zum auerhahn


Und es war schön finster




You may not, said the owl to the capercailzie,

you may not celebrate the sun

The sun is not important


The capercailzie took

the sun out of his verse


You are an artist,

said the owl to the capercailzie


and it was pretty dark