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Reviews of Annie’s Work

Published by H-France Review
In their bilingual edition of Louise Labé’s prose and poetry, Deborah Lesko Baker and Annie Finch offer scholars, students, and teachers an elegant, much-awaited, and long overdue...
Published by Ron Silliman's Blog
...fundamentally it demonstrates just how deep Finch’s commitment to language is.
Published by The Drunken Boat
With an emphasis on form (drama, epic, and lyric), Finch is able to cut across time as she addresses the cycle of birth and death, the journey in search of retribution and...
Published by The Strong Verse
...the work is an excellent and moving feminist epic, standing with Trilogy and Descent as bright additions to the canon. Like any poet of worth, Finch...
Published by The Tower Journal
Annie Finch’s Among the Goddesses: An Epic Libretto in Seven Dreams delivers a forceful tale of abortion, fraught with classic tension.  Here, human will...
Exaltation Cover.jpg
Published by Choice
. . . a groundbreaking and important book on poetry and its forms. Most outstanding is how the book is true to its title; it is an exaltation of forms. . . . Most impressive is...
Ghost of Meter Cover.jpg
Published by STYLE
The best acknowledgment one can make to The Ghost of Meter is to say that after reading it one literally cannot ever read a free­verse poem again without hearing the interplay...
Body Poetry Cover.jpg
Published by WomenWriters.net
... the collection serves well as encouragement and inspiration for any poet who reads it. 
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Published by MiPOEesias
At the heart of Annie Finch lies a soul whose groundwork is tilled in the art of quietude, a ’sincerity of the individual self, or soul.’ And it is this foundation that gives...
Calenders Cover.jpg
Published by Tim Morris, Faculty member at University of Texas at Arlington
Annie Finch has never hesitated to buck a trend. An exacting technical critic in an age when most poetics is vague, a parsable formalist in an age when the strongest trends in...
Calenders Cover.jpg
Published by CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women
In Calendars, Finch is more shaman than formalist. She is keenly aware of the shape and sound of her poems. Whether in a chant, sonnet, ghazal, or even Billy Collins’...