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She was a level-headed woman. Her days filled with the busy-ness of balancing her life: cook, housekeeper, lover, friend, sister, daughter, confidante, wife, mother. She made it look easy, spinning all those plates. Until the day the plates stopped turning, and one by one, each fell to her feet...
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Awoke to silence, a room filled with dim light. I open the front door and I step into nature's cool embrace, damp fingers of fog wrap around my face. Surrounded by white, completely blind, I follow the sound of your voice. Mind  filled with the fog of indecision, a clear path forward suddenly...
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Hmm, happy place today? Each day I try to find one thing that takes me out of the mundane, and brings me a  moment of sheer bliss. I had to drive out to the church to use their fax machine. As I got out of my car, I caught a  brief glimpse of the river sparkling in the bright sunlight. I...
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I've been collecting photos from friends that show the bright beauty of Autumn. Today I was surprised to see many photos of the substantial snow falling in the mountain regions of North Carolina and Tennessee. These are places I have visited and often envision when I dream of living some place...
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The darkness falls- leaves crunch under my feet, as the wind tosses them around the empty street. The moon begins its ascent, round and plump and tinged in orange, A Halloween pumpkin in the sky. Two cats yowl and moan and circle each other before lunging- twisting, biting and clawing as fur flies...
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I  see skies of blue..... clouds of whiteBright blessed days....dark sacred nightsAnd I think to myself .....what a wonderful world. My morning began on the riverbank as the blustery winds reminded us that winter is just around the corner. The church service,  conducted despite...
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And maybe there's are seasons, and maybe they change.... It's Autumn outside, and it is Indian Summer within me. If our lives are divided into seasons, then I'm in the waning days of summer. This realization, that I am in the last years of full-time motherhood, came to me as I ponder my life'...
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I've decided that middle age and puberty have a lot in common. Raging hormones, mood swings, insecurities, and fear of the unknown. Maybe that's why I can relate so well to the middle school students at work. We're all in the same leaky boat. The difference, of course, is the wisdom that I've...
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Am I the only one who wishes she could somehow record the thoughts in her head, the dreams that arrive in the darkest part of the night, and the fabulous running commentary that flows freely during meetings when I am supposed to be paying attention?My mind has become a whirling dervish of thoughts...
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Worn out, used up and hung out to dry. My heart has been emptied, My soul is a dry husk I'm left gasping for the healing waters. Lay me down in the sweet grass. Gently bathe me, immerse me in your cool springs. Cleanse me, fill me, bring me back to life again. © annettealaine-2012
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I awoke to gray. The drab sky matched my leaden feet as I entered the office. It's hard to stay motivated when the vision turns cloudy,and the dreams of a better year are slowly turning to dust. I was granted a slight reprieve, and left early for a meeting elsewhere. I drove through the streets;...
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Stubborn weather-  hot, and humid, day after day. Each dawn the sky's stained  pink, "red skies at morning, sailor's warning." The scarlet clouds give way to dull gray. The light is dim, as rooms turn dark at midday. The rain drips down the window pane, streaking the glass, like...
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Words hold power for me. My power words. The words that help to shape and define me, when I am searching for meaning in my life. Words like: RESILIENCE         Bittersweet        JOY         FIERY Grace      ...
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When I was unemployed I would have days of inertia. I believed that nothing was going to change. I was stuck in my version of Groundhog Day. My mind played a continuous loop of, I can't make anything work.  Usually after hiding in this black hole for a couple of days, I would emerge,...
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Transition time is a series of bittersweet moments. If the mirror didn't constantly remind me that time is marching on, then my kids are marking my time with each new milestone. This early afternoon, my daughter and I went to the mall in search of a dress for homecoming. She attends an Arts Magnet...
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