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Worry, Worry in My Head

Worry rears its ugly head, tormenting me night and day.

Uncertainty becomes a hamster's wheel, as my mind spins thoughts around.

Fear jolts me awake, Disquiet thoughts fill the dark silence of the night.                                    

My mind engages like the alarm on the clock radio, flooding my brain with its nagging chatter.

Circular thoughts become a song I cannot get out of my head,an ear worm, slowing driving me insane.

It's hard to let go of these uneasy thoughts, but I must accept that I have done all that I can.

The rest is up to fate. 

I will bid these distressing thoughts adieu, 

I will cast them out, set them like paper sail boats on a pond.

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I love this!

I love this!

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If autobiographical, I applaud you for prevailing over worry. Without action, worry in itself only worsens one's predicament, but admittedly advice such as mine in this area is more easily given than implemented.  As an old saying observes, "I'd rather you would walk with me than merely show the way." 

Rather than "easy" advice,  what we have in your poem is wisdom distilled from experience. That has more credibility in real life as well as in poetic art.

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Thank you Monique and

Thank you Monique and Brenden,

This is in fact based on experience, the last couple of months have been quiet worrisome. I have to laugh since two burdens were lifted from my shoulders yesterday and another was plunked in their place this afternoon!

I guess I need to repeat this as often as I can and keep taking my own advice!

Thanks for stopping by,


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Live each day as if it is

Live each day as if it is your last. Nice poem Annette. To me it has interesting textures. m