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Winter's Wrath

Winter returned~

scowling and kicking his heels.


Leaves rain down

spinning in fury.


Tender buds

that recently appeared,

when Spring blew her warm breath,

are trembling and cowing

under the Winter's icy assault.


Birds have stopped warbling 

sweet songs of welcome.

They duck their heads

and hide among the evergreens

trying to escape Winter's wrath.

© annettealaine-2013

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Oh, Annette, if only you knew

Oh, Annette, if only you knew how cold it was here the past two days! A little warmer today.  I hope you get Spring soon.

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Katherine, I think we must be


I think we must be riding the same icy wave! We have had weeks of mild temps only to be slammed yesterday by an arctic blast that has us talking about hard freezes and wind chills!

I hope Spring arrives for all of us sooner, rather than later!


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We've been having a mini spring ~

As the forecast calls for cold winter's return, heralded by the air's smell, I wonder what will happen to the birds, blooms and buds.  At least now I know the birds will hide in the evergreens.


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Well Michael, That's where I

Well Michael,

That's where I saw the redbirds hiding!