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Winter Sky

Lavender-gray clouds fill the sky.

They look painted on a canvas,

with shadows and lines.

Overlays of apricot, pale turquoise, and pink

bring the bare black branches of the trees

into stark relief.

There is tremendous beauty to be found in the sky.

The sun is a pale lozenge of yellow,

and light seems to shine through layers of tulle.

The light shifts as the shadows lengthen,

and the air takes on the chill of the evening breeze

as it drifts through leafless live oaks,

still adorned with the trailing lace of spanish moss.

© annettealaine-2013

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Live oaks & Spanish moss...

I really enjoyed these (not common to my area) a couple years ago on my visit to Savannah.  Discriptive, colorful write.  Well done.

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Ron said it all, Annette.

Ron said it all, Annette. Your language is unique here. m

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Thank you Mary and Ron. I

Thank you Mary and Ron.

I feel like I'm behind in my writing- work is taking up too much brain space as I learn new skills for my job.


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Beautiful imagery, Annette.

Beautiful imagery, Annette.

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This post stayed with me ~

It perfectly described the winter sky of my drive home tonight, delicate, soft and beautiful.