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Winds of Change

Well detachment worked until Friday morning....

I had started my week filled with the determination to remain zen-like. I would stay out of mayhem's way and "maintain my own lane" as a dear mentor once advised me.

But, as the week progressed and the frantic energy continued to build, I was momentarily sucked into the vortex of chaos.

I thought I was the only one who was unable to maintain a cool detachment, but Friday's events proved otherwise. As the day progressed I heard people let down their guard and speak more freely about their own frustrations. Misery does love company.

I've noticed that the little frustrations that people tend to gripe about are often a way to blow off steam. But the total dysfunction happening has created a log jam, allowing  those little things to build up and become a dam. The flow of communication and strong leadership has stopped and we, the peons,  feel powerless and uncertain about the future.

We have a week's hiatus and it has come a fortuitous time. We all need a break, to gather up our collective energy and continue the push forward for the next two months. Then I think we will scatter like dandelion fluff, carried on the winds of inevitable change.

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You knew I laughed when I read this.

That opening line - "...detachment lasted until Friday morning...." touched a nerve. The determination to remain zen is ever so wonderful but so often as fleeting as a breeze - at least in my life. Sometimes your life and mine seem overlapped. We're trapped in the same echo chamber. 

Have a good week off. Detach. Recharge. Enjoy. Cheers

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Michael, I notice that


I notice that connection myself. I often read one of your posts, and shake my head in wonder. 

I started my first day of break sitting on my front porch, reading a book and enjoying the marvelous Spring weather in Florida. This is prime porch time, before the heat and humidity overtake us.

Thanks for stopping by,