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Whispered Promise

There's a promise in the air today~
a faint whisper as a cool breeze
caresses my cheek~
it's coming.

The late afternoon shadows have shifted,
the earth is leaning back, just a bit,
having been so close to the sun 
for months~
the slight retreat brings a touch of Autumn to the air.

I slow down~
no longer running from office to car to avoid the intense heat.
I stroll leisurely down to the river and breath deeply,
as a sailboat skims along the surface of blue water.

The locusts are finally silenced,
after kicking up a ruckus for most of the summer.
I hear the birds twittering as they visit the feeder,
swooping in and out of branches.

The intense colors of summer look tired and jaded,
flowers and bushes once vivid and bright,
now fading in the last gasps of summer.

I imagine I catch a whiff of apples and bonfires,
dry colored leaves covering the ground,
bales of hay, and pumpkin spice.

It's coming~
I'm ready for Autumn to arrive. 

© annettealaine-2013